NAAC Accredited 'B' Grade

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Sr.No. Branch name Affiliated to Start Year Choice Code
1 Civil Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430219110
2 Computer Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430224510
3 Mechanical Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430261210


Notice :
  • Students are hereby required to follow dress code.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the college/campus without the permission of 1st year B.E. In charge.
  • The absence shall be viewed seriously & disciplinary action shall be taken against the absentees.
  • The attendance & performance of the students shall be intimated to the parents in the 1st week of November 2018 &1st week of April 2019
  • Extracurricular activities for 1st Yr. B.E students shall be conducted mostly on Saturdays.
  • 6 marks shall be awarded for attendance in THEORY classes.
  • 4 marks shall be awarded on submission of Assignments.