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  • 'The success story of an ENGINEER'

    The success story of an ENGINEER IN TRUE SENSE, Mr.Navin Singh, who worked on 10 Projects during his engineering graduation even though only 1 or 2 projects are necessary as per the university syllabus. It improved his Technical / Application /Practical knowledge to such a great extent that he got selected in one of the Core company which is famous across the world for Automotive Electronics, KPIT Technologies. He could get the opportunity to work on highly technical projects like Missile Systems. Currently, he is working in the Eaton India Innovation Center on many advanced technology projects


Sr.No. Branch name Affiliated to Start Year Choice Code
1 Electronics & Communication Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430237010
2 Civil Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430219110
3 Computer Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430224510
Mechanical Engineering RTM Uni. Nagpur 2010 430261210


Notice :
  • Students are hereby required to follow dress code.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the college/campus without the permission of 1st year B.E. In charge.
  • The absence shall be viewed seriously & disciplinary action shall be taken against the absentees.
  • The attendance & performance of the students shall be intimated to the parents in the 1st week of November 2018 &1st week of April 2019
  • Extracurricular activities for 1st Yr. B.E students shall be conducted mostly on Saturdays.
  • 6 marks shall be awarded for attendance in THEORY classes.
  • 4 marks shall be awarded on submission of Assignments.